Pelvic Floor PT



Welcome to Walk of Life PT, where we specialize in providing comprehensive pelvic floor physical therapy to help our patients overcome a range of pelvic floor issues. We understand that pelvic floor dysfunction can be a sensitive and uncomfortable topic, which is why we offer personalized and compassionate care to help you improve your quality of life.

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is one of the most commonly seen diagnosis in this subset of physical therapy. PFD can manifest as painful intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, defecation disorders, rectal or pelvic pain, diastasis recti, and disorders of the coccyx.

Common symptoms treated: Low back pain, sacrum, coccyx and hip pain – pelvic asymmetries are often the root cause of these symptoms.

Other symptoms may include constipation, post prostate surgery leakage, pain during the prenatal or postpartum period and leakage from either hypotonic (low muscle tone) or hypertonic (high muscle tone) pelvic floor muscles.

How to Help

A comprehensive evaluation is given in order to make a plan of care specific to your needs. Your therapist will explain everyhing in detail upon findings on how to proceed to get the best results.

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